Wanda Clarke-Morin introduces herself in the Herald

posted Sep 24, 2013, 2:45 PM by Stephen Barnes
Wanda Clarke-Morin's City Council Candidate's Statement for the HeraldNet....
[This appeared August 30 on our common facebook page: www.fb.com/aBetterMLTtogether ]

Beyond the primary duties of policymaking, the most important task of a councilperson is being part of a team that provides leadership, direction for our city’s future.

The job requires passion, a willingness to listen and work closely with residents on issues impacting the community, but with the ability to place one’s own personal opinions aside while weighing what is best for the community.

Recent demographics show Mountlake Terrace, for the first time in many years, experiencing a slight population growth. This is good for our community. I support development of pro-growth policies in the context of measured population, and small businesses. Growth increases revenue, providing funds for programs and services our community needs to thrive…However, I, like many of my neighbors, am averse to having my taxes raised, unless I see great community value for the monies I’m asked to commit to. 

I could tout my years as an educator, my past leadership positions in business and organizations, or even my hard-earned advanced degrees as reasons to believe I could make a viable contribution as your City Councilperson. But primarily, as a 13-year resident of Mountlake Terrace, I have raised my two sons in a community that feels safe; my neighbors are like family. I will work to maintain that sense of community I so greatly value. Together, let’s make Mountlake Terrace a vibrant, prosperous community where we are truly proud to live, work, and raise our families.