Thank You, fellow Terrace citizens!

posted Sep 4, 2017, 2:18 PM by Stephen Barnes

THANK YOU for your previous confidence!  Now vote for me once again!

Thanks to each who previously considered me as a new choice for the council and the thousand plus who voted Steve Barnes after all.  We all know that only a turned in ballot can be counted.

I visited so many of you in the previous election cycles, hundreds. Thank you for the overwhelmingly kind greeting at your door. This time too many are encouraged that a regular citizen is taking the time to run for MLT City Council!  Be sure to get your ballot in to be counted.  Maybe you will have questions? Maybe you want to have a yard sign?  Maybe you want to have me talk to your circle of friends and neighbors? I am open. 

Just 28% of our registered MLT voters sent in a ballot in the 2015 election, voting in my race.  (Even less for the unopposed slots.) I believe in the participation of citizens!  

Pick up if I call (206-293-2366 if you have caller ID) or open the door if I visit.  Let's talk about our great city!

Stephen Barnes, interested citizen and Candidate for City Council position #1!