Stephen Barnes introduces himself in the Herald

posted Sep 26, 2013, 1:15 PM by Stephen Barnes   [ updated Sep 26, 2013, 2:54 PM ]
[Note: The participants were only allowed 200 words... I have added one paragraph in brackets.]

What will you get with Stephen Barnes as your voice at the Terrace City Council?
I will insist on greater openness toward the citizens, honesty in processes and a careful pocketbook attitude! Vote for me, Stephen Barnes, this November!

I know Mountlake Terrace. I understand how to work with others and defend your perspective as a citizen at the same time. For the last 25-plus years my spouse and I have lived here. I also celebrate 30 years of public service at Metro this year and two decades as a worker union representative. Contributing to private and public groups over the years, I am currently serving on two boards. 

What have the current City Council people been doing? Told by their own hired experts they could construct a city hall complex for as little as $8 million, they came to us with a $37 million structure. Soundly defeated at the 2010 polls, they returned with a one floor shorter structure, which you also defeated. Pursuing a dense city-within-our-town idea, huge Arbor Village with five stories and minimal parking is a foretaste of what they want. 

[When the current council wanted to increase the future height North and South of 236th E of the freeway, I spoke out for the owners and renters suggesting they show good faith toward the occupants by NOT increasing the height allowance on the South side of 236th from three stories to four stories.  They didn’t even honor my request with a response.  When I suggested they should at least have notified the current occupants specifically, they said they would be relying on public surveys from 2008. When they surveyed the public sentiment in early 2012, they ignored their own results to pursue the city hall project a second time.]

See for more details and vote for Stephen Barnes for Position No. 3.