Our dwindling reserve...

posted Sep 17, 2015, 12:01 PM by Stephen Barnes

Lest we forget...

In 2006, when Laura Sonmore had already served five years, we had an overall reserve of TEN MILLION dollars.  Today that overall reserve is around two million (from former City Manager Caulfield's report in August 2012).  

In 2008 the current council's leadership asked consultants to tell them what their full wish list for a civic center would cost.  They were told (the report is still available on the City website) eight to twelve (8-12) million and 18 million at the outside for a lease to own building.  

How did this council respond?  They came to you after many public meetings with a 42 (that's right, forty two) million dollar proposal which they "whittled down" to thirty seven million for the 2010 ballot.  You, reasonably, the voters of Mountlake Terrace, rejected that amount overwhelmingly!

In 2012 they found some space elsewhere to take part of the building's planned occupants and came to you again in Fall of 2012.  Even though the cost was more than two times the average construction costs in the Northwest according to a commercial building index (the planned $1000 per square foot cost versus top end $400 per square foot per commercial building index) you narrowly said no.  When they lost that special ballot, their consultants told them to drop the price five million dollars (again, available still on cityofmlt.com) and talk with your opponents to figure out a compromise.  This council decided to do neither!

In April of 2013 this council (in violation of PDC rules as I understand them, by using the City Newsletter) twice blasted their message loud and clear on your doorstep.  Any changes from the previous offer?  NOT ONE!  I later found out that the 25 million dollar bond DID NOT include parking!  A shy million dollar extra expenditure left out that they "would figure out later."

THIS FALL, November 2015,you will have a new chance at a fresh vote.  This website is not perfect, but it will hopefully grow on you and can give you some perspective on a season of choice you will have again.  As it turns out, Laura's track record is clear.  She votes with the big city within our town mentality.*