Join Our Effort: VOTE for the Challengers and TELL your friends!

posted Oct 19, 2013, 2:01 PM by Stephen Barnes

Why You Should Join Our Effort

When we moved to Mountlake Terrace more than two decades ago, it was known as a sleepy, but safe town.  We enjoyed walks in the many parks of our city and benefited from the low key style of its citizens.  This was gentle suburbia.

EdmondsRealty pic of Lake Ballinger

The exorbitantly priced Civic Center isn't the only city council initiative which is out of step with the community the current council serves.

For at least seven years, the City Council under Mayor Jerry Smith and other long term members, have agitated relentlessly for a more densely populated City with lower on-site parking requirements.  That may all serve a larger regional purpose, but is that what you want?  Do you want mid-rise shadows encroaching on your neighborhood? Have you seen how massive that new Arbor Village development is up close?  [Update: as I have addressed items in this news article, it is interesting to see the city has taken action.  Now the city is redrawing the East/West lanes to reduce the westbound lane widths to provide a better turn path eastbound.  The developer has now put in larger trees.  The parking is still minimal. ]

Much more of that is the current City Council's vision for what is now a much expanded downtown.   With the current effort of the Council to pass an extension in the Core of future heights up to FIVE stories North of 236th and FOUR stories right across from single and two story homes on 237th, their vision is coming to YOUR neighborhood and likely many more.  (See Code revision passed just May 6, 2013 for details.)  Is that what you want?

I didn't think so.  And that is why you have an historic opportunity to vote out part of the Council this November.  I urge you to consider the three Challengers found on these pages (including myself). I urge you to tell others about our efforts to return City Hall to the citizens.  I urge you to give voice and time and funds to help us return honest, transparent government and frugal spending practices to your Council!