How much parking should new buildings have?

posted Jul 14, 2013, 1:11 AM by Stephen Barnes   [ updated Aug 3, 2013, 10:54 PM ]
We depict a new building, Arbor Village, scheduled to open in August on our front cover.  If you look at the building coming from the North it is the perfect location for a first entry in the citification of 56th Ave W.  for the City Council.  It appears to be like a two story from the distance of the burnt out Red Onion building.  Coming closer you realize that certainly is not true!

 What everyone I talked to said is that there isn't enough parking for people to actually go to a restaurant there (if the lessor can find a restaurant to occupy the space).

What you don't know is that our Current City Council approved a lenient (for the builder) amount of parking.  That means that you will find new apartment neighbors parking in YOUR neighborhood soon enough.  Now isn't that neighborly?!?  And any visitors to the shops that may be on the first floor.

And now the Current City Council has increased the building height for planned buildings along both sides of 236th (just west of that new building in the dip) from four stories high to five on the North and three stories increased to four stories on the South side of 236th.  And they won't give you a false impression:  they won't be in the dip.

Why didn't they inform you, the citizens about these changes?  I (Stephen) was at the Council meeting when this was decided and asked them about this very issue.  They said they received input from the citizens in 2008 (!) and that was enough.  As a former real estate person I said that Puget Sound people move every 5.6 years on average, so the citizens affected should again be notified.  They dismissed this reasonable request and approved the modification unanimously.  Once again.