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Stephen Barnes

Boy, that was a mistake! In early April 2013, for the second time in as many weeks, I received a mailing from the City with a chart that didn't sit right with me.*  

As a former real estate person (I taught briefly at Shoreline Community College) I was unsure that the chart we all have seen was a true comparison of apples to apples, that is, a fair treatment of the issue it presented using equal or equivalent measures.  No, that needed to be investigated. 

My wife and I went down to City Hall to the next City Council meeting and expected to get answers to our questions.  (There were additional questions we will address later in the presentation below.) We signed in at the back table as is the protocol.  When they called for public comments, we noted that we would like to speak. Instead we were told we could not address the City Council as a whole as these matters had already been publicly aired (that is, they fulfilled the State's minimum requirement for public access).  There was no backup of speakers: we were nearly alone there.  We were reasonably steamed and were surprised when three of the City Council members, led by Mayor Jerry Smith (up for re-election), came to us in a break.  They talked with us, but still left us feeling that something was not right about their storyline.  That began our investigation into the real facts in our City's hijacking to commercial interests and the partial-truths which undergird them.

Stephen Barnes, citizen

*An article on that will be appearing on this site.

The Chart that didn't want to die [will appear here shortly]